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Here at Greenforce Energy, we strongly believe that the best way we can move forward on improving the environment and Australia is to share ideas. For this reason, we try to be as open as possible about how technology works, and how we do things. The hope is that many more people will be inspired to try solar projects, and if not, they can be confident we know what we are doing and call us in to help.


Simple FAQ

Below, you’ll find detailed answers for many popular questions, but you might also be interested in our Solar FAQ

–> You might like to briefly skim this flowchart showing the solar installation process in Sydney

Section 1 – Selecting Components of your Solar PV System

Here we feature information on choosing the components of the planned Solar PV system. See below for Solar PV basics


Section 2 – Solar PV Policies and Processes

This Section gives background to the rebates, metering, policies and processes involved with going solar in Sydney or installing Solar for others.


Section 3 – Solar basics


Section 4 – Energy Saving Guides

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