Top Ten ‘Energy Hogs’ – so you can start checking why your bills are so high

This is a list of the most common appliances found to be the problem, when back tracking from electricity bills.

  1. Heated Spas
  2. Pools, particularly pools with electrolysis units
  3. Air Conditioners, particularly large homes or homes with older ‘non-inverter’ split systems
  4. Floor Heating
  5. Under-desk ‘Fan’ Heaters
  6. Radiant Heaters
  7. Halogen Downlights
  8. Reptile Tank Heat Lamps
  9. Large Outdoor Halogen Flood Lights
  10. Dryers

You can also look for

  • large numbers of computers (3+) left on all the time, especially those with older LCD or CRT screens (best to have LED backlit screens)
  • older amplifier and stereo equipment with high standby loads – simply turn off at the wall when not in use, or put a switchable powerboard in easy reach
  • laminating or older copy machines
  • did we mention halogen downlights?