Microinverters & Optimisers

Thankyou for your interest in Greenforce Energy’s range of micro-inverters.

You may know that traditional solar systems tend to have one control box – known as an inverter – on the ground level, and that this inverter tries to control all of the panels as one group, or possibly two groups (dual tracker / dual MPPT). In the solar industry, these groups are known as strings, and the inverters that control strings are called string inverters. This is fine for most applications, and in fact, we encourage the string approach where it is practical to use.

However, at some Sydney homes there may be shade for part of the day on part of the system – or there may often be patchy cloud. In those cases, the systems using string inverters may be constrained by the shady cells. Your energy yield and therefore savings might suffer.

To get around occasional shading of some of the system, we can use technology that manages each panel by itself.  The two main approaches to solving this problem are micro-inverters and panel optimisers. In addition to increased yield in patchy shade situations, these solutions can also offer extra safety and monitoring functions. For more information, see the links below, or contact your friendly Greenforce technician on 02 9557 1648


Introduction to microinverters from SMA (Video)


We use the Enphase and SMA range of micro inverters. In Tindo systems, we use the SolarBridge system.

Optimisers (also “optimizers”)

You can learn more about these on our Solar DC Optimisers page. We use the SolarEdge and Tigo optimisers