How to select a Solar Module – in brief

So, you want to know what makes a quality module, but haven’t got a lot of time ?

1. Backup –

a. Local manufacturers office representing the product and training installers in the safe and proper use of the product;

b. Warranty serviceable in Australia, with no option for the manufacturer to pull out based on market price improvements.

2. Genuine Connectors –

a. Connectors that perform poorly fail prematurely and the high resistance uses up YOUR energy;

b. Insist on panels with genuine MC, TYCO, H+S or AMPHENOL connectors. ‘Compatible’ doesn’t cut it. BP Solar have MC4, SCHOTT have TYCO.

3. Realistic Output figures –

a. Check the manufacturer has taken into account Light Induced Degradation (LID) when sizing, and not just graded the cells straight off the production line.

4. Excellent Sealant and Lamination Quality

a. Henkel or other recognised major sealant provider has been used

b. Excellent fit between frame and glass, with demonstrated evenness and integrity of the laminate.

You might also like to consider whether to purchase crystalline or thin film solar modules

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