Repair Domestic Solar Systems – Sydney

Greenforce Energy repairs solar inverters and faults with solar systems in Sydney Australia.

Solar Systems with reliable equipment from major manufacturers are ‘set-and-forget’ but unfortunately, like many industries, there are a number of operators that do not have the long term in mind. It’s difficult for consumers to know who to trust when everything is so new in the solar panel industry.

Other problems can occur as well, such as damage during renovations or storms, or perhaps wear-and-tear of some components.

Greenforce Energy has helped people across Sydney to resolve these problems quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

Here is an example of things we have done:

  • replaced SMA solar inverters in Newtown under manufacturer’s warranty;
  • found replacement inverters for a lovely customer in Glenfield, where the manufacturer was out of business;
  • rewired inverter circuits in Seven Hills to bring solar production up to the proper level;
  • replaced broken inverter from CMS with new solar box from a reputable supplier
  • replaced solar switch filled with water in Balmain, re-installing a new switch enclosure so that water can’t get in to the Solar DC isolator;
  • inspected solar system in Carlingford;
  • repositioned solar panels in Enmore, to avoid (obvious) shade on the site, and increase production;
  • moved solar panels in Malabar to enable a renovation; and
  • solved a safety issue in Darling Point with a flooded basement.