Solar Safety Inspections

We provide a range of consultancy services for new and existing installations.  Our company can provide assessments of existing installations, with the most popular solar system assessment being the 25 point safety check.


In some cases, minor faults with solar systems can be fixed within the meterbox


Greenforce has a range of tools and instruments for inspecting solar system performance. With a voltage check, we can determine whether it is the panels or inverter causing the issue

Naturally, we can provide advice on breaker polarity and sizing concerns.

picture showing a solar pv dc breaker with the enclosure open (Sydney)

It important to inspect older systems for correct wiring of the breakers. In many systems over 3 years old, the polarity is incorrect, leading to possible fire if used when operating at full power

We can also provide inverter repairs and solar system repairs.


We install quality inverters to replace poorly installed product from marketing companies. Many interstate marketing companies (unfortunately) have washed their hands of product after making the sale.

Corporate clients have used our services to obtain independent inspections for systems on halls, office buildings and care villages. Use the form below to get a quote for your solar system safety inspection request

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