Green Home Quiz

How far up the ‘greenometer’ is your home?  Take our simple questionnaire to find out.

Use the following list to find out the sustainability level of your habitat.

Score one for each you can say yes to:

  • Do you wash using cold water rather than hot?  Y / N
  • Do you use a shower timer to keep your water usage down? Y / N
  • Have you sealed in any draughty gaps below doors or windows? Y / N
  • Do you use carpet or rugs to insulate bare boards? Y / N
  • Do you use tubs to collect rainwater for use in the garden? Y / N
  • Have you fitted water saving shower heads to your showers? Y / N
  • Are all your toilets dual flush? Y / N
  • Do you have only one fridge? Y / N
  • Do you use blinds, curtains and/or shutters to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Y / N
  • Do you collect grey water and use it in the garden? Y / N
  • Have you installed a solar Hot Water system for your hot water? Y / N
  • Do you regularly check your taps for leaks and drips, and repair them if necessary? Y / N
  • Have you got water tanks or barrels in the garden to collect rainwater? Y / N
  • Do you always switch off the lights when you’ve finished using them? Y / N
  • Have you replaced all you light bulbs with energy savers? Y / N
  • Do you hang out your washing on the line rather than using a clothes dryer? Y / N
  • Is your roof fully insulated? Y / N
  • Do you always switch off electrical appliances and power sources when they are not in use? Y / N
  • Have you installed a home solar generation system ?

Check out the rest of the Knowledge Base section on our website for even more ways to save both energy and water (and therefore money) in your home and garden.


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