Solar Panel dimensions


So, you’d like to know the standard dimensions of a solar panel? Whilst many PV modules on the market in Sydney will have the same dimensions (if from the same manufacturer) , there are subtle differences in size between the modules made by different solar companies. However, in general there are two ‘rough’ sizes of modules.

Monocrystalline 175 Watts – 195 Watts

With the exception of sharp modules, most sub 180W panels have the dimensions 1600mm x 800mm, and this is related to the fact they are generally made up of 72 cells with similar areas & connection points. The frame thickness ranges from 35mm (Suntech, Sanyo HIT) to 50mm (BP Solar, Schott, Sanyo MP6).


Polycrystalline ~230W panels

These panels tend to be wider than the mono panels, although there are also some mono in this form factor, such as the Conergy PowerPlus 230M. The general dimension is 1600mm x 1020mm.

Sizing tips: Always check the depth of the module, allow for the size of clamps between each module and at the ends, and finally get the exact dimension from the manufacturer before designing any structures (mounting hole positions vary)