Solar Inverter Swap Over

At Greenforce, we only install the components we use on our own homes – tried and tested brands like SMA, Sunways, Solar-Edge, PowerOne Aurora, Xantrex, KACO and Latronics. These inverters are very reliable, and the good news is, if you were installed by Greenforce Energy, inverter changeover is free during your warranty. Contact us on 02 9557 1648 or complete the service form, quoting your installation date and inverter model + serial number.

If you were not originally a customer of Greenforce, we possibly still can help you – even if you have been ‘left in the lurch’ by a ‘runaway cowboy’.

Many inverters are covered by a parts warranty, but not for labour.

Inverter Replacement Costs

The good news is the famous names such as SMA, Fronius, Delta, Aurora and Xantrex do pay a partial labour cost, usually a fixed amount, and we can accept that as payment or part-payment. This is called a warranty top-up charge/payment.If you are not covered by a labour top up charge, our inverter changeover charges are modest – as we are sympathetic to the cause. Generally speaking, for Sydney metro, where the system has been covered by warranty and the replacement inverter (new or refurbished inverter) is already onsite at your house, the cost is within $99 to $165 inc GST. (This includes travel across town and back, which is the bulk of our internal cost in delivering the service). Inverters with no support There are some inverters which appear to have no free support at all, including for parts. We can recommend replacement options for many brands from failed companies, including:

  • KLNE Sunteams
  • Inspire Solar
  • KLNE Inspire
  • Aerosharp
  • CMS 
  • CMS 2000
  • CMS 4000
  • CMS 5000

For the inverters above, you will need a new inverter as the companies are known to be out of business. These are quoted on a case by case basis.

Inverters that appear to have support, but slow support:
  • EVER
  • EverSolar
  • Eversol
  • Sharp (not to be confused with AeroSharp)
  • GeoProtek
  • JFY
Inverters that may or may not provide a topup charge, but which do provide good, rapid service on replacement inverters
  • SMA
  • Aurora
  • KACO
  • Latronics
  • Samil
  • GroWatt

Would you like to solve your inverter issue ? Then call 02 9557 1648 or use our inverter service contact form.