Conergy racking used in massive 1.7MW plant

Conergy Corporate Headquarters, Hamburg, Germany: Conergy AG has successfully completed the installation of the Canary Islands’ largest Solar PV plant, being 1.7MW in total capacity employing 7,600 Conergy PowerPlus Modules. It is expected that the reasonably flat panel installation will produce approximately  2,600 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

A feature of the installation was the Conergy Suntop III mounting hardware used by Greenforce Energy. More than 15 kilometrs of Conergy mounting systems, comprising both the Conergy SolarFamulus (for tilt frames on flat rooftops) and Conergy Suntop III racks, were installed at the facility.

The installation was completed quickly, with Conergy engineers installing more than 7,600 modules in just two months. Successful completion has led the primary investor, Bankia, to invest in a further 270 kW Conergy rooftop system at Tenerife.

You can read general information about the racking system in the SUNTOP III spec sheet.

Sydney PV customers can take advantage of the design strengths of the Conergy Suntop III system in grid connected solar PV systems from Greenforce Energy.

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