CMS 2000 Grid Interactive Inverter (not sold by Greenforce – reference only)

As Carbon Management Group is no longer servicing this product, we thought it would be useful to put up all of the information we have regarding the product.

We also have a dedicated page discussing the pros and cons of CMS2000 repair

The inverter is known for being fairly reliable, in comparison to Chinese smaller brands, but not as reliable as SMA and Aurora.

Unfortunately, due to its low cost, many people foolishly tried to install smaller voltage systems on them (5 panels, 6 panels – in parallel), which was not intended by the designers. All transformerless inverters benefit from solar panels arranged in higher voltage groups (within the limits of the capacitors).

Also, the low cost led people to install multiple CMS 2000 inverters at the one site, sometimes as many as 20. This resulted in the inverter relay sets tripping on / off, on / off all day long. Relay failures are common in such installations.

If you would like detailed help on options for CMS2000 inverter issues, see our CMS 2000 warranty replacement page

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The following information may be of assistance to people with CMS 2000 inverter issues: