SMA Micro inverters



SMA Microinverters weren’t the first micro-inverters in Sydney.SMA logo

They weren’t even the second microinverters for PV.

So what is so special about SMA Sunnyboy 240 microinverters ?

SMA is a conservative service orientated company.

It is a company with real financial clout that has been around for four decades. The manufacturing processes are separate to none – and we know, having sent our staff at our expense to inspect the SMA factories (amongst others).

Picture of the SMA microinverter at an angleWhilst the Greenforce Solar team is excited to introduce new technologies, at the same time we have recognised that new appliances (in the short term) could mean encountering some hiccups.

Our feeling is that it is best to go into uncharted waters with a strong partner.

SMA is this partner.


The Sunnyboy 240 Microinverter concept

The system design is best explained with a diagram, as follows:

Diagram showing sunnyboy microinverter concepts

As you can from the above, in contrast to string inverters, there is one micro inverter for each panel (typically, the panel would be a 250 watt 60 cell polycrystalline panel).  The Sunny Multigate communicates to the router, allowing data from the system to be shared with the internet portal Sunny Portal. The Sunny Multigate also provides protection functions, allowing the system to be automatically disconnected from the grid if the power fails.


Why do we think the SMA Sunnyboy 240 will be the king of micro inverters ?


Why will it be reliable ?

When developing the Sunny Boy 240, SMA focused on reducing the functions on the roof – to keep parts out of the heat.  As a result, the device contains approximately 50 percent fewer components than competitor products.

  • Exceptional reliability and robustness thanks to just 176 high-quality components
  • Grid interface and comms functions located on the ground level in the Sunny Multigate (e.g., power line communication filter, grid disconnection device, and more)


Do micro inverters achieve better PV yield?

Micro inverters have the greatest advantage whenever specific site conditions (such as shading, varying alignment or soiling of the modules) are likely to cause one panel’s performance to impact the whole string. According to an investigation by PHOTON magazine, the increase in yield by using microinverters in shaded cases is approximately five percent.

Some manufacturers indicate even greater benefits, but these benefits are most pronounced only in a few situations. However, there are also many safety, monitoring and troubleshooting benefits.