NSW Solar PV Bonus Scheme Review – 20c is new baseline

Upon reaching 50MW installed capacity, the NSW Government has reduced the successful 60c solar feed-in tariff to 20c, as a result of unexpected demand.

Review points of note

  • Will still operate until original 31 December 2016 deadline;
  • Existing customers will continue to receive the 60 cent credit for export, provided the system size and ownership are unchanged;
  • New customers will connect at the base rate of 20c, although retailers are offering between 20 and 28c for exported power; and
  • Once 300MW of installed capacity is reached, a further review will be prompted.

Solar PV in Sydney and rural NSW has really taken off under the scheme, with several streets going completely solar. Greenforce Solar saw strong pressure on the supply side, with many wholesalers running out of panels and inverters for months. It is thought the reduced tariff will damper demand to manageable levels. However, the chopping and changing of programs is not welcome, and could have been avoided with a more modest 40c tariff as recommended by the industry.

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