Energy Saving Tip for the Office

Looking to save energy in a Sydney based office? Whilst we’re a solar panel installation company, you can still do a lot that doesn’t cost a cent. We love to provide free tips to the community on saving energy.

One such tip is to locate ‘hot items’ such as photocopiers and servers away from thermostats or temperature sensors. These items are common in multi-storey office blocks, and tell the air con system how hot the space is. You’ll recognise these as small boxes on the wall with labels like ‘Honeywell’, ‘Carrier’, ‘Mitsuibishi’, ‘Daikin’ or perhaps nothing at all. Sometimes they are combined with a control panel and sometimes stand alone. If the air-conditioned space is getting really cold, and no-one can work out why, check the thermostat locations.

Usually, someone in the office knows where they are and what they look like. Thermostats are best measuring the average temperature of the space, rather than a part of the space that is made artificially hotter by a piece of equipment or sun shining in from a window.

Simply move the photocopier somewhere else, or shield the thermostat from direct sunlight to better inform the air conditioning system of the average temperature in the space.

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