Q Cells cracks efficiency records

Q-Cells, the cell supplier to Tindo Solar panels as used in Sydney, have announced some recent module efficiency breakthroughs. Commenting on the development, Greenforce Energy technology analyst, Balint Bakos said:”Following the recent Moser Baer announcement, this sort of progress is really a shot in the arm for the solar industry as we head into 2012.”

In the announcement from Q-Cells, the company advised that it had reached new conversion efficiency records for boy poly and ‘quasi-mono’ solar modules.   A traditional 60 cell poly module format, using Q-Cells own proprietary ‘Q.ANTUM’ cell concept has been verified externally as having reached 18.5% module efficiency, up from a high that Q-Cells claimed it had achieved of 18.1% in 2011.

Importantly, these acheivements are readily duplicated in the production-ready plant in Thalheim, Germany.

Large ‘name brand’ solar companies continue to dominate the research efforts of the solar industry.

Greenforce Energy retails the Q-Cells thin film modules, as well as Q-Cells cells within Tindo modules.

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