Solarworld joins the Greenforce range

Greenforce Energy is delighted to welcome back Solarworld to our range. The panels were briefly not available due to some unexpectedly high demand in Queensland.

Logo of Solarworld with yellow sun rays and blue disc shapeSolarworld panels are the only true German solar panels completely made in Germany from German made solar cells.  Due to unfair competition from producers in other countries, many unsubsidised producers from Germany were forced out of the market, leaving only the strongest & the best – Solarworld Ag.

Solarworld facilities have been producing solar panels in Germany and the United States for more than 35 years, and under the Solarworld name for 13 years, which means Solarworld has twice the experience of the most established Chinese competitor.  As a three decade old organisation, this means that Solarworld engineers have been making solar panels for longer than their warranty, one of only a handful of companies that can make this claim.

With Greenforce Energy, you can install Solarworld German Solar Panels in Sydney. To find out more, visit our Solarworld German Solar Panels page, or contact us for a solar energy quotation.


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