Solar Energy for Industrial Customers






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→ see a Sample Warehouse Solar PV System using Mitsubishi panels

Greenforce Energy can assist industrial customers to take advantage of solar energy, and thereby set the cost of energy in the face of increased uncertainty around future energy prices.

Businesses go solar for a number of reasons, with major factors being:

  • environmental responsibility;
  • customer demands or preferences;
  • CSR Policy component;
  • raising the company’s standing in the community;
  • reducing carbon footprint of the business;
  • improving employee morale and perception of the company; and
  • cementing a component of the company’s electricity bill at a known, fixed cost.

Depending on the site, a simple LCOE as low as 25c/kWh can be achieved. As an incentive, industrial installations are eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates to help slightly offset the capital investment. For the best environmental outcome, the system is sized so that the generation over the year matches the energy requirements of the site (roof space dependent). For the best short term outcome, it is advantageous to size the system to match the lowest power draw (for example, the site might draw 10kW at its lowest point in the day -> get a a 10kW generation system). This is because the biggest benefit comes when the solar power generated on the company roof substitutes for power coming in from the grid – power sent out to the grid tends to attract a lower rate from the electricity company.

The lowest possible installation cost is achieved where there is good access, and large uninterrupted tin roof planes, such as on a sawtooth factory roof, or flat building roof. A large number of chimneys will make installation difficult, and Asbestos roof tops (‘Super 6’) are not suitable. We have special page focusing on Solar PV for warehouses in Marrickville.

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