Free Site Inspection

photo showing proximity of panels to surrounding trees

Panels in proximity to trees

Without checking, it is difficult to know how much solar energy can be produced from a given roof area.


Solar Resource Inspections, or Site Assessments, are a great way to confirm the practicality and viability of a Solar PV installation at your place.

Trees, powerpoles, neighboring houses and chimneys can all have an effect on solar energy production. Often it is less (but sometimes more) than you think!


Why not have a professional give you peace of mind, and tell you exactly how much energy your roof can provide.

solar pathfinder

Solar Pathfinder

During the assessment, Greenforce Energy Qualified Designers will visit your home and check the available roof space for:

  • beam size and strength within the roof;
  • condition of the tiles or tin sheeting;
  • shading from nearby structures, using a Pathfinder instrument; and
  • dimensions of North, West, and East facing roof planes.
Our designers are Clean Energy Councilaccredited, and have assessed hundreds of rooftops over the years.