First Cross Border Solar Plant Planned

picture of solar farm with blue polysilicon solar panelsIn a possible world first, Israel and Jordan are evaluating the possibility of working together on a project based in Israel, that would supply solar energy into Jordan’s currently unreliable electrical network.

The planned solar farm, which will comprise 50MW of tracked solar panels, is likely to occupy 100 hectares. Installed on an exhausted mine, this is an innovative form of site remediation and repurposing. If successful, the project could be the start of regional cooperation efforts with electricity supplied to the energy networks of neighbouring states

There is an even bigger dream in mind however: a linked world. Solar power would benefit from interconnected grids across varied time zones, as energy use that peaks in one country may correspond to a lull in another. Only a few hours difference would be sufficient to avoid the need for storage. Transmission losses are not insignificant, but are typically less that storing (charging and recharging batteries) energy for use at night or on following days.



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