Electrical Recalls – None affect Greenforce Customers

In recent times, there have been several recalls in the electrical industry.

These recalls do not affect Greenforce Energy customers

At Greenforce, our difference is that we build solar systems up to a standard, and not down to a price. We insist on using reliable reputable products from distribution channels that are well supported.

Customer safety is our number 1 priority

For this reason, we use Solar DC isolators that are made in Europe by established manufacturers with decades of experience. Cable comes from our partners at Metal Manufactures (100 yr old company) and DKSH (100yr old company).  Our inverters come from companies with years on the ground in Australia, and decades overseas in their home markets.

All of our solar cables are installed within conduit, to protect the cables

For interest’s sake, the recent recalls are:

  • INFINITY CABLE – sold via Woolworths owned MASTERS, HOME HARDWARE and various small time electrical wholesalers;
  • GEN3 Solar isolators
  • Suntree various isolators and DC isolators
  • CLIPSO various DC isolators
  • AUSTRALEC various polarised DC circuit breakers
  • AVANCO – DC Isolators
  • PVPOWER – DC Isolators
  • NHP – various DC isolators

Choose a solar installer that is committed to preserving the safety of you and your family.

Choose a solar installer that delivers greener buildings and lasting savings.

Choose Greenforce Energy


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