Solar Metering In Sydney – General Process

A Solar PV system in Sydney is no good without a metering solution. Elsewhere in the Greenforce Energy Knowledge Base we talk about smart meters, feed-in tariffs and time-of-use metering; this section deals with the process of arranging metering only.


The metering process is comprised of several steps:

  1. Choose your preferred metering implementation (Net or Gross – noting that Gross will be phased out soon as at April 2011)
  2. Inspect the meterbox to determine if there is sufficient space to implement this arrangement, considering whether the cost to make space will materially impact the decision to install solar (note: your installer can help here, for most people there aren’t problems);
  3. Make an application to the Electricity Network Operator in your area (Ausgrid formerly EnergyAustralia for Sydney east of Parramatta, and North to Newcastle; Endeavour Energy formerly Intergral for other Sydney locations, such as Penrith and the Illawarra). Takes 3 – 28 days.
  4. Once approval is received, install the Solar PV system. You or the contractor will be provided with a ‘Permission to Connect’ Letter, or a Job Number.
  5. Contact the metering provider and provide the Job Number, a photo of the meterbox, and a copy of the Compliance Certificate (CCEW). Meter provider uses this information to plan the job, and obtain supply of the meters. Meter supply can take 8 weeks.
  6. Metering provider visits the site and conducts the metering
  7. Metering provider returns old meters and lodges paperwork with the Network Operator, these include the Job Number, CCEW, and their own Notice of Service Works (NOSW).
  8. Network Operator enters data for new meters into their system, informs the meter reading team and the external electricity retailer of the change Can take up to 20 weeks to occur.


Documents of Use

EnergyAustralia / Ausgrid Application for Connection Form A

EnergyAustralia / Ausgrid Applicaiton for Connection Form B